Motherhood is by far the hardest job I’ve ever taken on…and there have been many days I’ve felt alone on this journey.

I remember when my oldest was born. I would get together with other new moms with children about the same age. We would share all the wonderful things our children were doing, especially all those development milestones. There was a little girl born just a few weeks after my daughter, and I remember her mom sharing something that her daughter was doing that my child had yet to accomplish. I started wondering, is there something wrong? Why isn’t my child doing this yet? Hindsight (and four children later!) I realize there was nothing ‘wrong’ with my child…within a few weeks, she was behaving the same as that child and I just needed to be patient. Just as I often fall into the comparison trap with the way I look and my fitness journey, I have a tendency to fall into the comparison trap as a parent too.

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Close the door on regret

Have you ever lost weight only to gain it back? Are you holding on to regrets, wishing things were the way they used to be? Has your focus on things in the past affected your ability to move forward? More »

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Roosters. They have a way of interrupting the stillness of those quiet, early morning hours with their distinctive cry of cockadoodledoo. I took my children on a field trip to Jamestown today and we saw a few pecking around outside the fort. And then later, while wandering through one of the houses, I looked down and saw a rooster and two chickens standing at my feet. I couldn’t help but think of Heidi St. John in that moment. Heidi is The Busy Mom, and spoke at a homeschool convention I attended recently. She talked about roosters that day, and shared an acronym for “ROOSTERs” in our life.

A rooster, as defined by The Busy Mom, is anything that is keeping you from doing what God wants you to do. The first thing that typically comes to mind is social media. She called social media weapons of mass “distraction”…you hop on to check Facebook and when you look up, you find FOUR hours have passed! Where did the time go?! But social media isn’t necessarily the “rooster” in your life, or in mine. Before going any further, let me share the seven signs you may be a distracted mom:  More »

Friends!! Summer is (unofficially) HERE! Are you ready? I have to say I am very much ready for a break from homeschooling. We normally ‘school’ year round, but this mama needs a break to get reorganized and refreshed. My favorite homeschool convention is just around the corner, and I’m excited to attend Heidi St John’s sessions and get inspired for a new year.

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Getting ready to officially embark on a new school year tomorrow! I am so excited about our new schoolroom table. We outgrew the two little desks we had been using, and had been using our dining room table since the middle of last year. My dear husband listened to me describe what I wanted for our homeschool room, and found this brilliantly-designed table at IKEA. It’s a Gateleg table. I love it because both leaves fold down and you can use it more like an end table. It will be very easy to store away when we have company or just need extra space – or, on the flip side, it provides another place for people to sit and eat if we don’t have enough seats in our dining room. It also has three drawers on each side, so we won’t have to go searching for pencils and everything else when we start school everyday. We bought two tables, because the table is on the smallish side and the kids would be cramped sitting around one table. I had both tables completely open at first, but like this configuration better, in a “L”, because I will be able to better see and help each of our kids as they do their school work.

The tables set up together. You can set them side-by-side but I chose to put them in an "L" shape so I will be able to see what each child is doing in their schoolwork.

The tables set up together. You can set them side-by-side but I chose to put them in an “L” shape so I will be able to see what each child is doing in their schoolwork. (Don’t worry – that tiny chair doesn’t go with this table. It went with a play table we used to have in this room.)


The Gateleg Table, folded down completely. There are three drawers on each side.


The Gateleg Table, with just one side up.

The Gateleg Table, with just one side up.


The Gateleg table, with both sides open.

The Gateleg table, with both sides open.