Batter up! It’s baseball season!! Let’s run the bases together in April! What is one thing you can focus on in April to move yourself closer to your goals?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time already this spring at the ball fields watching two of our children play. There are some really strong hitters on our older son’s team. I watched during a game recently as each boy went up to bat, got into their batter’s stance and prepared for whatever pitch would be coming their way. Sometimes they swung, sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes they made contact, sometimes they missed. Sometimes they got a hit; sometimes they fouled the ball off. Sometimes they got on base; sometimes they struck out. Fortunately, I haven’t seen any players hit by the pitch this year but that can happen, too. 

Life is a lot like that. We do our best to prepare, not knowing what might come our way. I have taken a lot of swings in my weight loss journey. Some have been a hit. Some have been a miss. But with every swing, I’ve gotten stronger and learned something about myself.

  • I think back to a Zumba class I took when I was finally brave enough to do a group exercise class. That was a swing and a miss for me. Zumba (and dance workouts in general) are just not my thing. I feel so uncoordinated and out of sync, I just don’t enjoy it. But put me in a boot camp class and I feel right at home! How about you? What workout style do you prefer?
  • And how about that time I did the Atkins Diet! I had great results with it initially, and stuck with it for six weeks because I was seeing results. It took me a few weeks to realize while the number on the scale was decreasing, I was becoming an insomniac because the low carb diet had disrupted my sleep patterns. That I would call a strike. I definitely learned something about my body and its needs through that experience. My eating habits are a work in progress. I’m always learning and adjusting and trying new things on this fat loss journey!
  • Last summer, I stumbled across a streaming fitness program called Daily Burn. Now that has been a HOME RUN for me. As I write this I have just completed my 88th Daily Burn 365 workout of the year. This is the most consistent I have ever been with my fitness, making even my rest days active rather than sedentary. What’s different about this from all the other home workout programs I’ve tried? It’s live…every day at 9am! It’s always changing. I never know what to expect or even who the trainer will be each day.

Here’s the goal tracker for April. You determine what you want to accomplish. For me, I intend to keep my Daily Burn streak going and will use this chart to track each workout I complete. Maybe working out everyday isn’t your thing? That’s fine! You can use this tracker to mark the days you do workout, or aim to drink a certain amount of water each day. Maybe you want to do some spring cleaning? Commit to clean for a certain amount of time each day and use the tracker to celebrate your success. And speaking of success, be sure to reward yourself! After all, that’s the best part! Here is a great list of non-food rewards.

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