Batter up! It’s baseball season!! Let’s run the bases together in April! What is one thing you can focus on in April to move yourself closer to your goals?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time already this spring at the ball fields watching two of our children play. There are some really strong hitters on our older son’s team. I watched during a game recently as each boy went up to bat, got into their batter’s stance and prepared for whatever pitch would be coming their way. Sometimes they swung, sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes they made contact, sometimes they missed. Sometimes they got a hit; sometimes they fouled the ball off. Sometimes they got on base; sometimes they struck out. Fortunately, I haven’t seen any players hit by the pitch this year but that can happen, too.  More »

Where in the world is Cindy (aka Well-Trained Mama)? She hasn’t been as active on her Facebook page. She’s not posting workout selfies on Instagram all that often. Has she gained 50 pounds and gone into hiding?? More »