Can you become heart healthier in February? I’ve designed a new tracker to help you do just that…and I want to invite you to get a jump on your goals by joining me and committing to eat healthy next week (January 30 – February 3)!

What is your goal for February? The BEST goals are specific and measurable. I redesigned my February tracker since there are only 28 days in February this year. (My original one included the extra day for leap year.) For me, I intend to use this calendar for my workouts. Each day I workout, I will put a sticker on my calendar. For scheduled rest days, I do allow myself a sticker on those days…rest days are important! You can use this tracker for other non-fitness goals, like eating breakfast everyday or maybe even days you are able to skip soda! Set a goal for February, print your tracker and let’s get started!

If eating healthier is one of your goals, get a jumpstart with me next week and join me for a 5-day Clean Eating Challenge. The challenge will take place on Facebook in a closed group all next week, January 30 – February 3. I’ll provide you with a sample menu and grocery list, daily accountability and motivation! Comment on this post with an email address if you want to be part of the group, or send me a message using the contact form below.


February Goal Tracker

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