Have you got a lot going on right now?

Do you find you have lost some motivation with your goals?

How about joining me and decorating a tree in December?! This chart will take you right up to the New Year, and help you move closer to your goals! 

Print your chart and set your intentions for the upcoming month! Perhaps you want to commit to moving for at least 15-20 minutes each day? Or maybe you will want to use your chart to spend some time in God’s word each day in December? Or you could look at getting a jump on your home organization, and spend a few minutes each day clearing clutter or donating items to charity? You choose ONE thing you want to work towards this month, and then decorate your tree with stickers for each day you complete your task. An ornament (aka sticker) a day and you’ll be that much closer to your goal at the end of 2017. Remember, it’s the little habits repeated over and over that lead to big results. You can do this!! Don’t forget to share this with a friend, too!


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