Fall has arrived and October is just a few days away! It’s time for a new goal tracker. One of my favorite things about fall is watching the leaves change color, from green to vibrant reds and yellows and oranges. So we are turning over a new LEAF with this upcoming month’s tracker! Let’s make this month “unbeLEAFable” and give it your 100% towards whatever your goal may be.

Download and print your tracker today. (I also laminate mine.) I use my tracker to keep me motivated with my workouts. One day a week is a rest day, and I do allow myself a sticker on my chart for that day. You set your intention for the month and use the chart to track your progress!

Would you like some help setting your goal for the month? Or maybe you just need a little extra accountability to keep you motivated? Let me know how I can encourage you on your journey. Remember, friends, it is those seemingly small, everyday habits that move us closer to our goals or further away. Find one area where you can focus for the month of October, and decide now how you will celebrate when you achieve your goal at the end of the month. You could treat yourself to a manicure or a pedicure; maybe buy yourself a new cookbook or new workout clothes. How do you like to celebrate?



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