Unlike bathing suits, flip-flops fit every year.

Maybe that’s why I love my flip-flops so much. I was trying to think of an image for the August Goal Tracker and I kept thinking of the beach. I already created a tracker earlier this year with a sun, so I wanted to find something different. I played around with a beach umbrella, but I thought it looked a bit unbalanced. And then I thought of flip-flops! I love when the weather turns warm enough to wear flip-flops (and those few warm days in the winter when it’s warm enough to slip them on). I hope this month’s goal tracker inspires you to keep pushing forward! Click on the image, print it out and post it where you will see it everyday. Each day you workout, put a sticker on your chart. And when you get to the end of the month, celebrate your successes! Let this goal tracker help you build momentum in your fitness journey! (Share this post with a friend, too, and keep each other motivated!)

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August Flip Flops

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