Unlike bathing suits, flip-flops fit every year.

Maybe that’s why I love my flip-flops so much. I was trying to think of an image for the August Goal Tracker and I kept thinking of the beach. I already created a tracker earlier this year with a sun, so I wanted to find something different. I played around with a beach umbrella, but I thought it looked a bit unbalanced. And then I thought of flip-flops! More »

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Roosters. They have a way of interrupting the stillness of those quiet, early morning hours with their distinctive cry of cockadoodledoo. I took my children on a field trip to Jamestown today and we saw a few pecking around outside the fort. And then later, while wandering through one of the houses, I looked down and saw a rooster and two chickens standing at my feet. I couldn’t help but think of Heidi St. John in that moment. Heidi is The Busy Mom, and spoke at a homeschool convention I attended recently. She talked about roosters that day, and shared an acronym for “ROOSTERs” in our life.

A rooster, as defined by The Busy Mom, is anything that is keeping you from doing what God wants you to do. The first thing that typically comes to mind is social media. She called social media weapons of mass “distraction”…you hop on to check Facebook and when you look up, you find FOUR hours have passed! Where did the time go?! But social media isn’t necessarily the “rooster” in your life, or in mine. Before going any further, let me share the seven signs you may be a distracted mom:  More »