A little play on words with my boys’ favorite movie: Instead of saying, “May the FORCE be with you,” I am going to encourage you instead with “May the FITNESS be with you!” We went on a wonderful family vacation in April. But since returning home, I haven’t been as motivated with my workouts. It’s been hard getting back into my routine. But I am armed with this new goal tracker, and ready to tackle my goals in May! As with the other goal trackers I have shared in previous months, I allow a sticker on my designated rest days (rest days are good for you!!). There is just something about seeing my progress visually on a chart like this that helps me stay focused…and perhaps the encouragement of my kids to get my workout done so they can put the sticker on my chart is helpful, too!!

I also have a free 5-Day Fitter by Friday challenge going on all this week (May 2-6, 2016). It’s the perfect way to start your month off strong. It’s all about Fitness + Nutrition + Support, and helping YOU get moving on your goals. It may be just the jumpstart you need as we move closer to summer! Would you like to join me? Comment on this post, and I’ll get you plugged in to the group.

May Flower
Elastic Tits

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