I am so excited to introduce you to Jami today. She and I met several years ago when our families were in Taiwan adopting our boys. I’m so grateful God allowed our paths to cross during our sons’ visa appointments so long ago! Thank you, Jami, for being willing to share your story and encourage others!! Here’s Jami. . .

“217. That is the number that I saw flash on the scale one dreary morning back in January 2015. Sure, it’s not all about numbers but the recent holiday and family birthday celebration photos certainly highlighted my “puffiness”. For 20 years I have watched as the number on that scale shrank and went up and repeated. I was used to digging to the back of my closet for the next size up in jeans and work pants. I tried every diet out there and always seemed to lose some weight but also managed to yo-yo back up when I resumed life. This was all very normal and a life in which I had grown quite accustomed. I shook my head and quietly muttered to myself that I would begin a diet again soon.

“Time. It is always an issue and an excuse. In an effort to save time after a long work day and before running to daily sports practices, violin lessons and dance, my family succumbed to eating frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and hamburgers with a side of Mac and cheese and a bag of fries. This food rut was the first change that needed to be made. I had to find the time to make healthier meals for my family! What better way to eat quick and healthy than to use a crock pot. And THAT is where the journey started…

“With a crock pot and a LIKE on Facebook. 

“I joined a week-long crock pot challenge that Well Trained Mama posted on FB and I dusted off my crock pot. I printed out a shopping list, stocked up on necessary foods and spices and tried a new recipe that she supplied each night. My husband and daughter were super excited about the new dishes they were enjoying at dinner. My son, a self-proclaimed carbohydratarian, still enjoyed Mac and cheese and fettuccine alfredo each night (this may never change). Each night I prepared the next day’s meal in the crock pot and turned it on low before I left for work the next morning. Voila… Quick meals which were ready, convenient and delicious. Cindy also wanted us to drink lots of water and do some form of exercise for at least 20 minutes each day. I began walking around and around and around a baseball field while my kids were at practice. I didn’t want to report back to MY group that I failed to meet the day’s goal.

“My biggest challenge was drinking so much water. Funny thing is that I drink more water before 8 am now than I drank all day a year ago!

“I looked forward to these one week challenge groups each month to gain more recipes and keep me accountable in my eating, exercise and water consumption! With each week I saw progress. A pound or two here and there. By August I had lost just 7 pounds but felt so much better about myself and saw a natural change in my eating patterns. Eating cleaner foods gave me so much more energy, strength and will power. Cindy remained ever supportive and I realized that I was counting on her to be my cheerleader. I continued joining her week-long groups each month and walked in circles around a football field all fall. It was now that I realized I wasn’t doing this alone. I had a fitness coach, a whole group of supporters and now my husband became my partner in crime in this journey to a healthier lifestyle. He joined me in walking and eating healthier and unbeknownst to Cindy she now became a coach to TWO.

“Over the months, the weather changed and my daily walks became strides on a treadmill. By January 1… I had made it through the holidays and LOST weight with the support of Cindy and her challenge groups. I knew I wanted more. This “diet” had turned into a life change and I really liked how it made me feel!

“On January 31, I was sitting outside of a conference room on a hard bench for the second day in a row while my daughter was dancing her heart out behind those doors. It gives a girl a lot of time to think. I thought about how my life was different from a year ago: my eating changed, I now strive to take part in daily exercise (even doing laps around this building to get in my 11,000 step daily goal!) I had lost 21 lbs and I had become a new and improved role model for my 10-year-old daughter. I was teaching her that life was worth living and that investing in yourself often means you have more to offer to others. I knew the time was right. I messaged my coach and supporter, Cindy, to ask if it was too late to take part in her month-long challenge group beginning on February 1, 2016. Of course, she welcomed me with open arms and within the hour I was reading everything I could about the 21 day fix and creating a week-long meal plan! It took me a full year to jump off the little train that could and hop completely onboard the Beachbody train!

Fast forward two months, April 2016. I have completed 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fx, and am now in my second week of 22 Minute Hard Corps. I have lost 38 lbs., 5 inches off my bust, 4 inches off my waist, and 5 inches off my hips (the first time I measured was July 8, 2015). I have made a workout a part of my daily life, make healthy eating choices, prep my weekly meals each Sunday, enjoy a Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakeology each day and love the accountability of my monthly challenge groups! Change takes time. Change takes patience. Change will come. And I am not done changing yet!

“Oh, and by the way, my husband has made some drastic changes too! My son still eats Mac and cheese and fettuccine alfredo daily… But hasn’t seemed to notice the change to whole grain pasta and cauliflower alfredo sauce… Shh, don’t tell him 😮!” – Jami


Doesn’t Jami look great? The photo on the left was taken a few years ago. The photo on the right was taken last month, in March 2016.


I know I can relate to so much of what Jami shared about time and finding food my family would eat, so I didn’t have to make separate meals for my family. I am so proud of Jami for all the progress she has made, and the role model she has become for her family and those around her!

If you would like support and encouragement in your journey, join me for my Summer Slimdown Accountability Group! It starts at the end of April and will run through most of May. Message me at welltrainedmama@gmail.com or comment below to get connected to the next step! 

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