I am so excited to introduce you to Jami today. She and I met several years ago when our families were in Taiwan adopting our boys. I’m so grateful God allowed our paths to cross during our sons’ visa appointments so long ago! Thank you, Jami, for being willing to share your story and encourage others!! Here’s Jami. . . More »

A friend recently said to me, “The natural state of a garden is weeds.” Weeds. Not beautiful flowers. If a garden is just left to its natural state, it becomes a mess of weeds. We were talking about our minds at the time. . .and how much our lives reflect that of a garden:

  • If you don’t tend your garden, you are going to grow weeds.
  • If you weed your garden, you end up with dirt.
  • If you want a garden, you have to weed it, plant it, water and nurture it.

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