March goal calendar


I’m a results kind of girl, but when it comes to health and fitness, it sometimes takes a little while to notice the outward changes. Consistency is KEY. And that’s why I created this March goal tracker to help us stay on track with our goals! Easter is in March, so I went with an Easter Egg theme to make it colorful and fun! 

The great thing about this tracker – if you have kids, they will keep you on track because they will want to put the sticker on your chart. It’s great accountability, let me just tell ya!! I would love to hear your goal and how you plan to use this tracker – share them with me in the comments, and share this tracker with a friend too!

Not sure where to start or what goal to set for yourself? The BEST goals are specific and measurable. For me, I intend to use this calendar for my workouts. Each day I workout, I will put a sticker on my calendar. (There are scheduled rest days in my program, so if I am following my schedule, I will permit myself a sticker on those days.) You can use this tracker for non-fitness goals. Here are some ideas for goals you could set for yourself (just choose one or maybe two!)

  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Skip Soda (give yourself a sticker for each day you are successful!)
  • Drink a certain amount of water each day (1/2 your body weight in ounces is a good goal)
  • Commit to read a personal development book (like Lara Casey’s Make it Happen, or Lysa TerKeurst’s Made to Crave)
  • De-clutter for 15 minutes a day

Determine your personal goal for March, print your tracker (just right-click on the image in this post and click print) and let’s get started! I laminate my tracker, too! I would love to see your progress throughout the month! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook when you post pics of your tracker!

Let’s make this an “Egg”cellent month TOGETHER!

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