This is the FIRST time I’ve completed a Beachbody program in its entirety. With other programs, I’ve done the workouts, but mixed them up with other programs and my classes at the gym. With Master’s Hammer & Chisel, I did every workout. I showed up everyday. I ate pretty well…except for December. Let’s just look at that month as a “bulking month”…haha!!

My weight is within about a pound of where I started this 8 week program. For round 2, I may just throw out my scale!!



I couldn’t have completed this program without the support and encouragement of the women in my December and January Groups. FebYOUary is just around the corner! Are you ready to reach your goals? Comment below for more details on the FebYOUary group or apply to be in the group at this link:

– Cindy

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