This is the FIRST time I’ve completed a Beachbody program in its entirety. With other programs, I’ve done the workouts, but mixed them up with other programs and my classes at the gym. With Master’s Hammer & Chisel, I did every workout. I showed up everyday. I ate pretty well…except for December. Let’s just look at that month as a “bulking month”…haha!!

My weight is within about a pound of where I started this 8 week program. For round 2, I may just throw out my scale!!



I couldn’t have completed this program without the support and encouragement of the women in my December and January Groups. FebYOUary is just around the corner! Are you ready to reach your goals? Comment below for more details on the FebYOUary group or apply to be in the group at this link:

– Cindy

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Who’s been using the January goal tracker I shared with you? I have! It’s helped me stay on track with my workout goals all this month. Here’s a brand new tracker for February, and it includes that bonus day we get at the end of the month this year, too! (You can just right-click on the image, save and print. You’ll want to scale the image to fit on your page when you print it.)

What is your goal for February? The BEST goals are specific and measurable. For me, I intend to use this calendar for my workouts. Each day I workout, I will put a sticker on my calendar. (There are scheduled rest days in my program, so if I am following my schedule, I will permit myself a sticker on those days.) You can use this tracker for other non-fitness goals, like eating breakfast everyday or maybe even days you are able to skip soda! Set a goal for February, print your tracker and let’s get started! (I do laminate my tracker, too, because I’m a homeschool mama and I tend to laminate EVERYTHING!)

I love the visual reminder and seeing my progress throughout the month! My kids keep me on track because they love taking turns each day selecting the sticker and putting it on my tracker for me. It’s great accountability, let me just tell ya!! I would love to hear your goals and how you plan to use this tracker – share them with me in the comments!

Elastic Tits

As a mama, I want my daughter, especially, to grow up with a healthy self-esteem and body image. I don’t want her to struggle like I have. Even at my leanest weight, I didn’t find the happiness and confidence I was expecting to find. I look back at photographs and realize now I had reached my supposed “ideal”…yet I still wasn’t content. Why not? Do I have such a distorted image of myself that I can’t see the “true” me? I started reading Carolyn Mahaney’s book, “True Beauty” and this book is challenging my definition of what is beautiful.

“It is not sinful or shameful to improve our appearance. Unloveliness is not next to godliness. God, our Creator, is the beautiful One. He made us beautiful, and our “taste for beauty” comes from him. God set a taste for beauty in the heart of man and then set him in a beautiful garden to enjoy that beauty. But mankind wasn’t long for paradise. Adam sinned, and in him, so did we all (Romans 5:12).

“…Without a clear vision of the beauty of God, our perspective of earthly beauty became twisted and distorted. Instead of seeing the beauty of the image of God in the mirror, we could only see flaws. Rather than seeing the beauty of God in others, we envied and criticized.” – Carolyn Mahaney, “True Beauty”

I’m looking forward to diving into the rest of the book, examining what or who influences my sense of style, and transforming my sense of beauty so it is more in line with the beauty of God. Have you read this book? How do you define true beauty?



Here are my January goals! You won’t find me setting new year’s resolutions. As I shared here on my blog last week, I gave those up years ago because monthly goals work so much better for me.

January 2016

• Sweat! I’ve just started week five of a new program, Master’s Hammer and Chisel. I’m set to finish my first 60-day round on Feb 1. Can’t wait to see my progress then. I love this program!

• Sleep! I’m setting an alarm for 9:45pm, so I can be in bed at 10pm. No more late nights and exhausted mornings.

• Scripture! I’ve read through the One-Year Chronological Bible twice, but this year my 10-year-old daughter wants to read the whole Bible, so we are doing it together.

What are your goals for this month? Share them with me in a comment!
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