I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I have found New Year’s Resolutions just set me up for failure and disappointment. A few years ago, I set out in January with a monthly goal. I committed to working out three times a week. That’s it. I didn’t say I wanted to lose a set amount of weight or even set a deadline on my weight loss. That month, each time I worked out, I marked it on my calendar. It was manageable and easy to track. As the weeks went by and working out became a regular habit, I added a new goal. That was January 2012, what became the turning point in my weight loss journey. Fast forward four years. I am still setting monthly goals and have learned a lot about goal setting over the last few years.

Take a look at these typical New Year’s Resolutions in the photo. They are all good things to strive for…but I think they could be better. Here are some ideas…

Improve Self – Commit to reading a personal development book, like Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect or Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life, two of my favorites!

Manage Debt – I have heard great things about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I know our church is offering this course starting in January. Perhaps you can find one near you and learn strategies to help you reduce your debt and save money?

Get Fit – Yep. This is a typical one. How is this year going to be different than last year or the year before? Let me help you figure out specific actions you can take to get on the road to becoming strong and healthy. My January Jumpstart group may be just what you need to get started! Leave a comment and let’s connect.

Enjoy Life MoreWhat do you enjoy? Take a look at your calendar. Are you making the things you enjoy a priority? Do you need to eliminate some things from your calendar to make more time for the things you enjoy? What can you remove from your calendar in January to enjoy life more?



Here’s my challenge for you: Determine one or two goals for yourself for January. 

  • Your goal should be specific, trackable and realistic.
  • Your goal should be within your control. Instead of saying, I want to lose 10 pounds by a certain date, figure out the actions you need to take to achieve that goal and set that as your goal instead.
  • Look at your habits that are derailing you from your goals and choose one (ONLY ONE) to focus on right now. You can focus on something different in February. The key is to keep it simple and set yourself up for SUCCESS!
  • Here are some examples of healthy habits you may consider focusing on in January: less fast food, drinking more water and less soda, exercising, eating breakfast, eliminating daily desserts. If you need to brainstorm, I’m available! Let’s set up a time to chat.
  • Use my “GOAL”diggers January chart to track your progress!

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