Gift of FitnessThe best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to give the gift of fitness this year! Well, maybe. Sometimes the gift of fitness can be taken the wrong way, if the gift recipient hasn’t been successful this year with his/her fitness goals or doesn’t want you to point out the size of their waistline. Here are three ways you can gift fitness to a friend or family member without hurting their feelings:


A fitness tracker is a great gift but may go unused if the recipient thinks you just want him/her to lose weight. If you decide to gift a fitness tracker, focus on the technology of the gadget and not just weight loss. For instance, a Fitbit doesn’t just count steps, stairs climbed and active minutes, but also monitors sleep, works as a watch and displays caller ID when your phone is nearby.

Buy Yourself the Same Gift

Whether it’s a fitness tracker or a fitness program, get one for yourself too and tell the gift recipient you need him/her to join you on your journey. Think positive peer pressure. The extra motivation and accountability may give you both the push you need to succeed. Team up with your friend or family member to get fit together!


Has your friend or family member mentioned something health-related? Perhaps a race they want to run or walk? Or maybe they have commented they need new workout clothes (I don’t recommend buying clothes for someone else, but gift cards are GREAT!) Perhaps they need a new gym bag? Or a new workout playlist…an iTunes gift card would be great and not insulting at all!

Up next. . .a few of my favorite gift ideas, and what’s on my list this year!

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