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Plan Ahead  Are you the host? That means YOU control the menu. Include a fresh green salad on the menu, a few extra veggie sides, maybe even a lighter dessert option. If you are heading to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving, talk to the host and offer to bring something for the meal (and then choose a dish that fits within your goals).

Be Active – Get up early and push “play” on your workout. If there is a Turkey Trot or other race in your area, sign up and participate! Go for a walk after the big meal. If it’s a nice day, get outside with your friends and family!

Eat what you LOVE – Leave the rest (or just eat a little, if you don’t want to upset a loved one). Save your calories for the food you really enjoy.

Drink up – By this, I mean water, not soda or alcohol! Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in water throughout the day.

Veggie Power – Fill half your plate with vegetables.  Watch out for veggies covered in sauces, oils or sugar. And put your veggies on your plate with your turkey (or other protein) before you scoop up any side dishes. This will help limit the portions of the higher carb foods and fill up on the healthier options.

Don’t Go Hungry – Often we skip other meals so we can save up for the main meal. Plan ahead so that you have an easy and healthy option ready for breakfast and lunch.

Give Yourself Grace – One meal on one day of the year is not going to derail your goals. Be mindful of your portions; enjoy being with friends and family; savor every bite and enjoy your favorite foods. Set a goal to get back to your normal eating routine on Friday.
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