1403714798Just because a workout is perfect for one person, it does not mean it’s the perfect workout for everyone. I was so frustrated for a friend, who shared with me a conversation she had recently, where her workout program was criticized for being a so-called ‘low caliber’ workout. Really?! My friend’s workout challenges her; it gets her heart rate up; she’s seeing results. . .and most importantly, it makes her feel good! Let’s encourage one another in our fitness endeavors, rather than be critical of someone else’s programs. We all have different goals and reasons for being active.

Here are three factors to consider when choosing a fitness program:

Your physical health: Before starting any fitness program, you should consult with your doctor or medical professional. This is the standard disclaimer at the start of most fitness programs, but it should not be dismissed as just something routine. I was frustrated for my friend because I know she has some physical issues that would make the workout being suggested as the “perfect” workout too hard on her body.

What do you like to do? One of the most important considerations for a fitness program is whether or not you like doing it. I know many people who love dance-type workouts. I tend to be pretty uncoordinated, so any workout requiring choreography or keeping up with some sort of dance move loses me pretty quickly. You’re more likely to stick with something you enjoy. There are so many options. Keep trying new things until you find something you love, and then keep doing it!

Your fitness level: Consider your current level of fitness. If you are new to running, you may not want to jump right into a marathon training program. Most of the programs I follow have a “modifier” you can watch to help you complete the workout when you first get started. Even though I consider myself to be pretty fit, I still follow the modifier if I can’t complete an exercise with good form. Don’t let your fitness level keep you from challenging yourself, though, and keep trying new things.

There are so many wonderful benefits to exercise. For me, I know it puts me in a better mood and I have more energy when I am active. Why do you workout? What is your favorite way to be active?
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