These chips!I gained a pound last week. Well, not really. But the scale said I did. Two things contributed to my weight gain: eating more carbs and increased sodium intake. My carb of choice: these sweet potato chips pictured here. I’ve been overindulging in these tasty little chips lately, and it’s hurting my weight loss efforts in a BIG way. Not only does my body hold onto 3 grams of water for every gram of carbohydrate I consume, those chips are a salty snack, adding to more sodium in my system.

“Sodium helps regulate the levels of water in your body. As a result, the total amount of sodium, or salt, you consume has an impact on whether you retain or eliminate water. As you eat more salt, your body holds onto more water, causing that all-too-familiar bloat.”LiveStrong

So, while I would like to think my weight gain is due to added muscle from all my recent workouts, it’s more likely due to overindulging on these chips and retaining more water. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for me to overeat these chips. . .so I’m committing publicly that my goal for this week is NO MORE CHIPS! One leads to two then five and then, I look and I’ve eaten half the bag!!

Let’s talk about carbs for a moment. In the past, I cut my carbs VERY, VERY LOW. After all, if my body is going to hold onto 3 grams of water for every gram of carbohydrate I eat, wouldn’t it be better just to cut carbs out? No. Here’s what happened to me: I did lose weight. I stuck with this very low carb diet for about six weeks. In that time, I started having trouble sleeping. I also didn’t have as much energy for my workouts. When I started adding carbs back in, those pounds I lost immediately returned. Your body needs carbs for fuel and, at least for me, carbs help everything just function much better (and this mama needs her sleep!).

There are good carbs and not-so-good carbs. Except for my over-indulging on the chips recently, I try to limit bread and pasta. I used to eat cereal every night before bed. . .I was sabotaging my weight loss efforts with what I thought was a low-calorie snack, loading up on carbs right before bed, when my body didn’t need carbs for fuel. If I get hungry before bed now, I may find some chicken or other protein snack, because my body can use protein while I sleep. Most of the carbs I eat now come from vegetables, and a little bit of fruit. I do eat oatmeal for breakfast and that gives me the fuel to start my day and workout, too.

I now follow the 21-Day Fix. You may have heard of it: this is a color-coded portion control program. No food group is off-limits. There are carbs (yellow, green and purple containers) and protein (red containers). There are healthy fats (blue, orange and teaspoons). One thing I love about this particular program is you can follow it EVERY DAY. Yes, the program encourages you to complete a full 21 days in a row. But you can very easily make this program just the way you eat every single day. You may have heard the saying,

“Make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.”

This program makes healthy eating EASY. My next challenge group is starting on Monday, September 28. I would love to come alongside you and encourage you in your health journey! The accountability is so valuable and helps us all stay on track! I share recipes and menu plans in my groups, and create a safe environment for you to share your struggles and be encouraged by other women, who share similar goals. Leave a comment or send me a message here so we can get connected TODAY!
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