I’m a little odd. As much as I love routine and being on a schedule, I am a bit ‘ADD’ when it comes to sticking with my fitness program. And that probably explains my enthusiasm for checking in to Beachbody on Demand every morning. Now through October 31, #BODathon is on! Every morning, a new Challenge du Jour is posted. Each day’s workout follows a general plan for the week, so you aren’t targeting the same muscle group two days in a row and you are allowing for some days to be more rest/recovery-type days. When you log in, you can see that day’s Challenge du Jour, as well as a few days prior. And then, at the end of a week, you get a nice little email that shows you the number of Beachbody on Demand workouts you completed that week. I love seeing my progress like that, and I’m excited about all the new features ahead for Beachbody on Demand, announced earlier this year at Coach Summit in Nashville. You can try Beachbody on Demand free for the first 30 days. It’s definitely worth it, especially with access to so many different programs, workouts and nutritional guides. (If you decide to give it a try, let me know and I’ll add you to my free accountability group on Facebook.)

Here’s my accountability update for this past week. I worked out every day. Woohoo! It’s been a while since that has happened. I was proud of myself for doing an Insanity workout on Thursday. I considered quitting several times, but kept telling myself, “If I quit, I’m just cheating myself.” I pushed through to the end! Today’s workout: 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 (pictured below, Renegade Rows). My eating could be better, so that’s where I am going to focus these next few days.


Renegade rows with my Power Blocks. These are push-ups with a row in between each push-up.

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