17 Weeks. That’s what a friend shared last week on Facebook, a graphic showing the number of weeks until Christmas (now, it’s just over 17 weeks until New Year’s Day). Here is the graphic. . .



I don’t think a weight loss of 3-4 lbs a week is healthy for most people, unless you have a considerable amount of weight to lose. But this graphic got me thinking…

I have been really discouraged recently. I see photos of myself from a couple of years ago, when I was at my leanest, and consider the mistakes I have made.

  • At my leanest, I weighed about 20 lbs less than what I weigh now.
  • At my leanest, I still wasn’t content with the way I looked.
  • At my leanest, I became careless. I forgot what it took to get me there and became overly confident in the way I thought I could eat, exercise and still maintain my results.

My clothes are more snug than I like and I’ve put on a few pounds over the summer. I was talking to a friend yesterday, who participates in my online challenge groups. She made this remark, “I need as much accountability as I can get.” That’s exactly right! Even as a coach. Even as a group exercise instructor. Even as someone who knows in her head what to do.

I’m a health and fitness coach, and I’m supposed to have it all together, right?! I teach group exercise at the gym…so working out should just come naturally to me, right? I know the right foods to eat and the exercises to do…so why do I still gain back unwanted pounds and feel flabby?

I need all the accountability I can get! So, what can I accomplish in the next 17 weeks (in a healthy way, not with self-starvation)?

I will focus on losing .75-1 lb per week. That would give me a weight loss of 12-17 lbs by the end of the year. My weight loss tends to come in spurts, so I won’t rely entirely on the scale for my progress. I’ll also take photos and measurements weekly.

To achieve this, I will workout daily. I have started doing the Beachbody on Demand Challenge du Jour which helps me from getting bored with my workout routine. With 17 weeks, I could easily follow the 21-Day Fix eating plan for 5-6 rounds, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I see the results my challengers are getting now and I know the personal success I had back in February and March when I closely followed the program. It required discipline, and I know I have it within me to follow the plan. I am also signed up to run my next 10K in November – time to start training for that!

I am sharing this here because I need all the accountability I can get! I don’t want to be back to where I was a few years ago, when I was at my highest weight and wearing plus-sized clothing. I am committed to sharing my progress and my results here. It’s scary to share this publicly but I know the accountability is so very important. (If you want to join me in one of my challenge groups, I would love the extra accountability and to be able to encourage one another in this journey.)

And when January 1, 2016 rolls around, I want my New Year’s Resolution to be focused on maintaining the results I have achieved during these next 17 weeks. What would you like to achieve in the next 17 weeks?
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  1. So, I calculated this 17 week thing too and have slowly started to make changes for the rest of the year. I made three goals that I can focus on for that time and one happens to be diet/exercise/weightloss. Thanks for your transparency and being courageous to ask for accountability. Your not alone in this journey.

  2. You are such an inspiration and thank you so much for being “real”! Can’t wait to see your success and love your focus for 2016 on maintaining rather than having to deal with the whole “lose weight” resolution!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Your transparency is inspiring both personally & professionally. I am renewing my commitment to healthy eating & connecting with my tribe by sharing me. I found you through your post on Darren Daily.

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