It takes a lot of courage for me to write this post, because I prefer to just share my successes. But I want to be transparent in my personal journey. I spend so much time coaching others in their health and fitness, pointing them to tools that will help them reach their goals. But this is a journey and even though I have been successful in losing weight, it is still a struggle each day to be intentional about making healthy choices. Whenever I share photos of my journey, I put dates on them…because I don’t believe in “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photos; my progress photos are more like “THEN” and “NOW”. (I am hesitant to post a photo with this post, but that’s where I am at and I can’t wait to show you a progress photo in just a few weeks!)

I screwed up but I am not going to let this setback derail me from my goals: Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability = SUCCESS

I screwed up but I am not going to let this setback derail me from my goals: Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability = SUCCESS

So how did I screw up?

Last month, I decided to a do a “No Weigh May” challenge, vowing not to weigh myself until June. That was a mistake. I know it’s probably not healthy to weigh myself everyday, but the daily weigh-in helps keep me accountable to myself. That, coupled with a very busy May schedule and vacation, led to about a 4-lb weight gain last month. I am not at all happy, especially since my summer clothes are feeling a bit too snug. In the past, I would let myself get discouraged and allow the weight gain to continue. No. Not this time.

Here is where I have been screwing up, and the changes I am making:

I love the 21-Day Fix, but it only works if you are consistent with using the color-coded containers and sticking to the eating plan:

  • My teaspoons have become tablespoon-size servings.
  • I haven’t been eating all my green containers.
  • And I have been going overboard with yellow container foods.

I do okay with meals but it’s the snacking (little bites, licks and tastes throughout the day) that add up. ACTION STEP: Starting this week: the containers will be on the kitchen counter and used for everything I eat, and I will be using my app to track my containers through the day.

Workouts. Well, I have been a little unmotivated lately. I did jump into Insanity last Monday but think I might die! ACTION STEP: I need something I can look forward to, so I am going to change it up and go back the 21-Day Fix Extreme (which I LOVE).

I’m not going to let the number on the scale get me too down. But I don’t want 4 lbs to turn into 8 lbs and then have that multiply until I’m up 20 lbs. That was the old Cindy. But I know better now and I know what I need to do to get back on track. And if there is one thing I know, the BEST way for me to get back on track is to let my challenge group hold me accountable. We check in with each other on the good days AND the bad days, and we encourage one another, striving for progress not perfection.

Would accountability help you in your fitness journey? I would love to partner with you. I will be starting my next group on June 22. If you would like more details, let’s get connected. Click here and send me a message. 
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