If you were buying me a gift for Christmas, this is what you would find on my list! And if you know anyone who would like to be in better shape or lose weight in 2015, these are my suggestions. If you find it awkward to give someone the gift of health, invite them to join you on your journey with one of these great gift ideas!

adjustable dumbbellsPowerblocks or Ironmasters: These are adjustable dumbbells that take up very little space. This a dream item on my list. . a little pricy!

insanity max 30Insanity Max 30: Brand new workout from Shaun T, released on December 2! Intense. Challenging. Body-changing and unlike any other workout I have seen. Every Beachbody program I have done has been great and I want to add this program to my library. The Insanity Max: 30 Challenge Pack is on sale during the month of December – message me at welltrainedmama@gmail.com for details the sale and my next challenge group.

julienne peelerJulienne peeler: You know all those dishes with the spiralized veggies like zucchini noodles. I want to do that but I don’t want another appliance on my kitchen counter. I have seen several people post you can use a julienne peeler for the same effect.

because-my-body-is-a-templeCross Training Couture: Workout clothes with a message! I wear workout clothes 75% of the time, and I love being able to share Christ even while I’m lifting weights or doing push-ups. I own four of the tanks and would love to add one or two of the long-sleeve/winter tops to my collection.

athletaGift card to Athleta: My favorite clothing store. They sell great workout clothes, but I have also bought two dresses there in the last year.

bodumBodum Tea for One:  This would be perfect for my loose tea leaves!

Gift card to a local running shoe store: I buy new running shoes a couple of times a year. Any runner in your life will appreciate a gift card to their favorite store to buy shoes, because they are expensive!

Cleaning Service Gift Certificate: As much as I love working out, I don’t love cleaning my house.

iTunes gift card or Spotify gift: I recently discovered Spotify and I’m still learning how to use it. I love to update my playlist so I have new music to listen to when I run and workout.
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