When I purchased a Beachbody program a few months back, it came with a bag of Shakeology. I was sold on the workout…not so much the Shakeology. But I figured, what the heck? I have this bag – might as well drink it and see if I like it. I’ve changed my mind on Shakeology. I think everyone should be drinking it and here’s why.

    1. It tastes great. I have tried my fair share of protein drinks and this one tops them all. It comes in six flavors, too: chocolate (my favorite), vanilla (my 2nd favorite), greenberry, strawberry, vegan chocolate, and vegan tropical strawberry. I have let my kids sample it and now, whenever they hear the blender, they ask me to share my shake with them. I share it with them, because I think it’s better than any multi-vitamin I can give them. Once I speak to our pediatrician and get his input on how much they should drink of Shakeology, I will share more with them.
    2. It’s not just a protein drink. This meal-replacement shake contains all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day. I like to count my macros. This shake is the perfect breakdown of protein, fiber, carbs and fat for one of my meals.
    3. Convenience. I have four kids. We homeschool. Life IS busy. I need at least one meal of the day to be easy. This is it!
    4. My nails. For the past several years, my toe nails would just break and split. I was embarrassed to get a pedicure because the question always came up, why do you cut your toenails so short. I wasn’t cutting them on purpose – they would just grow a certain point and then break. About two weeks after I started drinking Shakeology, I noticed my big toenails were the perfect shape…perfectly rounded across the top, perfect length. The only thing I had changed: Shakeology.
    5. Less cravings. I used to always need something sweet after meals, and would munch on chips or something salty throughout the day. But I don’t notice those cravings much anymore. I’m not as hungry and the cravings aren’t there like they used to be.shake percent
    6. It’s a milkshake. I haven’t enjoyed a milkshake for years because I have been trying to lose weight and eat healthy. I would occasionally crave Sonic, but as soon as I looked at the nutritional content, that would be enough to convince me to fight my urge for a milkshake. Now I enjoy a milkshake every single day, AND it’s good for me!
    7. It’s only about $4 per serving. I would spend more than that on food for a meal, whether I’m eating at home or dining out. I used to spend that much on Starbucks every day, until I started getting migraine-like headaches and realized my daily treat of a specialty coffee was causing them.
    8. It comes with a Bottom-of-the-Bag 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Get it. Drink it. Experience the benefits of Shakeology for yourself. Unhappy? Return it.

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