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It’s time for this week’s edition of my favorite articles on the Internet:

Big Questions/Big Answers: Tackling passages in the Bible that seem crazy
I watched a great sermon out of Transformation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina this week. Pastor Dan Kimball talks about how to tackle the seemingly ‘crazy’ parts of the Bible. You can watch or listen to the sermon by clicking the title above. There is also a sermon outline and study guide available.

Afloat and Alone
I came across this article in Home Life magazine last week. The author uses the example of being in a boat, how your boat will move with the current whether you want it to or not. Such a great parallel to life. Unless we are intentional about our spiritual, physical, family goals, we will drift. . .and it’s unlikely we will drift in the direction we are looking to move. 

15 Reasons You Should Deadlift
The deadlift has become one of my favorite strength exercises. My personal best stands at 225 lbs, and I hope to improve on that number in the coming months. Debbie at Momsanity gives some great reasons why you should pick up that barbell (or dumbbells, if you prefer). #1 and #11 are my favorites!

I’m starting to plan my August goals and cannot wait to share them with you! Have a great week.
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