Phone batteries, food labels, hidden hikes and insanely effective TRX exercises. Here are a few of my favorite articles from this past week (July 12-19, 2014). Some of these are new, while some are just new to me. Click on each title to read each article.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast?
Here are nine reasons your iPhone battery may be draining so fast. I changed some of my settings this week, based on this article, and I think it’s helping. (If you have an Android device, no worries – click here to read an article that may help you.)

What Advertisers Don’t Want You To Know About Food Labels
Making sense of eight common food labels…natural, whole grain, reduced fat, free range, and so on. This article shows why some of these labels may be misleading, and what you need to be watching for when you are grocery shopping.

Never Skip a Workout Again
Life happens. Things come up. The kids get sick. It can be really hard to stay on track with working out. Annie Brees, one of my favorite bloggers who happens to also be a mom, powerlifter, personal trainer, shares five tricks to keep on track.

How To Take Back Your Schedule (Like A Boss)
As I look at my calendar, I get overwhelmed some weeks at all the activities and events we have scheduled…and it’s July! I thought summertime was supposed to be relaxing. As we look ahead to the fall and getting back into the regular school year, this is a great article to read.

43 Hidden Hikes to Try This Summer
This is a great list of hikes, categorized by region and level of difficulty.

45 Insanely Effective TRX Exercises
I love TRX. I teach TRX. And I think it’s one awesome piece of gym equipment – so much versatility. You may have seen a TRX at the gym, those black and yellow straps probably hanging in the corner or in a studio. This simply designed piece of equipment can challenge you and give you a great workout. This is a great list of exercises to get you started.
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