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The YMCA where I teach TRX classes has announced it will be shutting down in a couple of months. There are other locations where I can exercise (and hopefully I will be able to find another gym where I can teach TRX), but this news makes me very sad. This YMCA may be small without as much equipment or amenities, but what it lacks in amenities it makes up for in other areas.

1) Can you give me a spot? I often lift weights on my own. At this YMCA, I can count on the wellness coaches to be standing nearby and ready to give me a spot whenever I need. One wellness coach, in particular, will make sure he’s near the bench press if he knows I am doing “Chest Day.” I don’t get that kind of attention at other gyms, nor do I see gym staff in the weight room at other gyms all that often. I can always ask another person working out to give me a spot – but many are wearing headphones or are too focused on their own workouts to stop for a spot. I will miss those wellness coaches when this gym closes.

2) They know me (and my kids) by name. I remember the second time I went there to workout (long before I became an instructor). As I was dropping my kids off in childcare, the woman behind the counter already knew all four of my kids’ names. She greets us with a smile every time we come, and my kids adore her. My kids cried when I told her this gym will be closing. They realize we will not see this beloved childcare employee much after that, and they are very sad to lose that relationship. (They love all of the childcare staff and beg me to go to this gym more often.)

3) Friendships. I have made many, many friends at this gym. Maybe it’s because after our workout, many of us sit down at the table in the lobby to chat before picking up our kids. Or maybe it’s because it is a smaller gym, it’s easier to see the same people every time I am there – and when I don’t show up to workout, people wonder where I am and will check in to see if everything is okay. In the past, I could disappear for months from a gym without anyone noticing. Knowing that I will be missed (and wanting to see friends), that motivates me to keep coming back to the gym.

4) They gave me a chance. I became a TRX instructor at this gym last fall, after getting certified to teach last summer.  It is only because the management at this gym had confidence and faith in my ability, enough to hire me, that I have become the instructor that I am today. They gave me the opportunity to start teaching TRX and I will be forever grateful. I hope I will be able to find another teaching position, and I hope, too, it will be close enough so I can still see some of the people who currently take my classes.

This gym is a special, little community. It’s difficult to think of another place or organization with such a welcoming, friendly environment. I’m going to miss it terribly when it closes. As I was writing this post, it made me think of the theme song to the show, “Cheers”. . .here it is if you want to have a listen.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to our little gym. Every single thing you spoke about mirrors my own feelings and experiences at this gym. My kids love it there as much as I do and after reading your words I am struggling not to get choked up. It is my home away from home and I am incredibly sad that it is closing. I do not even want to think about going any where else. I will miss one wellness coach in particular who has been very kind to me and my family. He has also inspired me to be better and stronger and I will miss that and all of the child care workers who have taken such good care of my kids. I feel such a personal connection with everyone there and hope that they will find a way to keep this staff nearby.

  2. Rebecca O'Boyld

    Thanks for writing this! It is exactly how myself & many, many others feel. This is written with such heart & honesty! 🙂

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