I’m starting a new feature here on my blog. I read so many great articles each week. Many I share on Facebook but it’s easy to miss things there. So, I am going to start sharing a weekly round-up of my favorite articles. I may sometimes include a book recommendation, too. The articles may be current, or may be something I have just seen. If you find an article particularly helpful, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a message. It will help me know what you are interested in AND I love to hear how my journey may be helping others become healthier. Happy Friday!

It’s Time To Finally Convince Your Clients That the Scale Doesn’t Matter
This article is targeted towards personal trainers, but includes a wealth of information about your body, the scale and why the scale may not be moving as much as you want (or maybe it’s moving in the wrong direction!). Remember, when you set goals, you should set them based on actions you can control, rather than how your body will respond. You can control your eating and workout habits. You cannot control whether you will lose 2 or 4 or 12 lbs by a certain date.

A.W. Tozer and Worship: Are You Strange?
Clare at Peak 313 Fitness shared this thought-provoking image. Definitely made me stop and think.

Next Generation is Peaking Before Age 10
What is happening to our children? This trend must be changed. I hope I am encouraging my kids on a daily basis to be active.

Superfoods – My least favourite word in the nutrition world
Quinoa. Goji and acai berries. Green tea. Superfoods. Or are they? Some interesting points to consider from one of my favorite bloggers/nutritionists: “What is saddening is that as a society, we have become so used to eating a diet containing foods of which DON’T contain nutrients (coke, cakes, burger rings, Big Mac, choc chip biscuits) that as soon as something DOES contain nutrients (special powers) it’s deemed a SUPERFOOD! All of a sudden, instead of fruit and vegetables as our source of chlorophyll, we go to the store and buy a quick fix bottle of processed chlorophyll and add it to our smoothies because it’s a Superfood. We add pea protein, a highly processed extraction of the protein from peas, to our breakfast cereal because it’s a Superfood.”
Elastic Tits


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