With some hesitation, I started the latest Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study this week, reading Limitless Life by Derwin Gray. I considered skipping this study because life is so busy right now and I couldn’t keep up with the last study. But my P31 group leader emailed last week and asked me if I was planning to participate. As I started to type ‘no’, my response to her somehow ended up as a yes. (Pretty sure it was a nudge from God.)

Limitless Life is all about labels – characteristics embedded and internalized on our soul over time. Fear. Failure. Addict. Orphan. Those are just a few from the book. Perhaps the labels are self-imposed or labels others have given us. These labels may be stopping you or me from doing God’s will, fulfilling His plan for our lives and living life to the fullest. Pastor Gray shares his own amazing testimony and then addresses the label, AFRAID, in this first chapter. Our group leader asked a question, “What is one thing you would like to accomplish before the end of this year?” What is your response to that question? I honestly don’t know the answer for me.

il_570xN.387207070_5cetRight now, I am pretty bogged down with homeschooling, potty-training, cleaning house and striving to be a good wife and mom. It feels pretty overwhelming. It’s hard for me to dream big when I’m washing and folding clothes and just trying to stay ahead of the clutter.

I love teaching TRX classes at the gym and would love to focus more on encouraging women in their health and fitness goals. I do believe God can use my health/weight loss struggles to encourage others in their own health and fitness journeys. Does that mean getting certified as a group exercise instructor, nutritionist, personal trainer, etc? All of the certifications cost several hundred dollars. My primary responsibility is still to my family, in particular homeschooling. And then I have to ask myself if my desire to get these certifications is just my way of giving my life some “definition” outside of my role as a wife and mom?

I did start looking at the group exercise certification. There is a “practical exam” as part of the certification that requires you to do a demonstration of a warm-up/program/cooldown for an examiner. I find that a little intimidating. Is fear holding me back? Maybe, and probably the cost, too. If I get the certification, how can I commit more of my time to teaching classes while homeschooling, too? I could spread myself very thin doing all the things I want to do.

As I look ahead, I pray for courage for my family and me – that we would be open to whatever God calls us to do; for my husband as he finishes up his Masters degree and figures out how God wants him to serve; for my children, to respond to God’s calling on their lives and grow up as followers of Christ; and for me, to be able to discern how God wants to use me.
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  1. Dear sister,
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart today! I am so glad that God brought you to these studies. It sounds like there is alot that God is doing in and through you right now! And, it sounds like God has awesome plans for you! He is a faithful provider and I am praying for those items on your heart. I pray that God will make His will known in an undeniable way as you rest in His love and grace.

    Kristi Seat
    P31 OBS Ministry Team

  2. Thank you for your blog post. Yes, there are times when life seems so busy, that I just feel that I shouldn’t say yes to one more activity. But, I have to remember that God comes first and I need to listen for His calling, not what I think I want to do. God will give me the strength and courage to overcome any label of self-doubt. Praise God!

  3. Thank you for sharing! What an awesome life you seem to have! 🙂

  4. Mary B. - P31 OBS team

    I have been in your shoes and am again. Not knowing what God has planned for your future. Just hold on to the promise that God has a plan and He will lead you. The answer may not come today or tomorrow, but you will know what to do if you give it to God and then listen to His lead! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad that you are going through this study! God has great things planned for your life and already you are engaged in so many. Joining you in prayer for the Lord’s continued guidance and direction. 🙂

  6. This is so awesome to read and I am incredibly blessed to hear that you typed “Yes” instead of “No.” So glad you are in our group and that God is teaching you through this study!

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