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IQuitSugarI’m just about halfway through the ‘I Quit Sugar’ detox program. Have I followed it exactly, without any lapses? No, but when I have gotten off track, I’ve just moved on and kept going with the program. Is the program working? I definitely think so! I did a sugar detox last fall, and I had already cut out quite a bit of added sugar before beginning this program. This program is a little more intensive than my previous week-long detox and I’m definitely seeing some positive effects from this program. I’ve been able to eliminate the sugar from my coffee, and that’s huge!

I’m currently finishing up Week Four. It became much more intense in Week Three when all sugar had to be eliminated. Up until that point, it was a gradual process – cutting back on my sugar in my coffee and reading labels. Week Three: Cold Turkey. No sugar (fructose), including fruit. (And some of you reading this may be saying to yourself – ‘no fruit. . .well, fruit is good for you – why would you eliminate fruit?’ No worries. It’s only for a few weeks. I can reintroduce blueberries in a few weeks if I want.)

The idea behind this detox is to recalibrate my taste buds and my cravings, to reset my body and break the addiction to sugar. Is sugar addictive? I definitely think so. Towards the end of Week Two, someone gave me a platter of chocolate chip cookies. I figured I would just have one. I justified it by saying to myself I am not to the point where I have to eliminate sugar completely and what’s the harm in one cookie? Well, let me just tell you – something kicked in with that one cookie and about four cookies later, I felt blah and worse than I have felt in weeks. Once I had that taste of sugar, I just wanted more and more of it. But it didn’t leave me feeling all that great in the end.

For Mother’s Day, my family took me out to my favorite dessert cafe. That was at the end of Week Three. I split a dessert with my husband. I have to say the dessert didn’t taste as good as it usually does (I still enjoyed it but it just didn’t taste the same to me). Last night, I had some ketchup. I forgot ketchup not only has the natural sugars from tomatoes but added sugar as well. When I tasted it, it was sickening sweet, almost too sweet. And I love ketchup. That’s when I realized this sugar detox is really working. My taste buds are definitely changing, and I’m looking forward to seeing where I am at in a few weeks. (There is a recipe in the ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbook for ketchup I’m going to have to make.)

I’m planning to make a Zucchini Cheesecake today. It’s one of the recipes from the ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbook. I’ll share a review of the recipe here after I make it.

Have you done this sugar detox program or attempted to reduce the amount of added sugar you eat? What has worked for you? I would love to hear your thoughts.
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  1. Hi there! I’m intrigued, but would be scared to try! How’s it going now that you’re further along?

    • Hi Sarah, I need to post another update. I’m in Week Six now. I have re-introduced blueberries and they taste amazing now. In Week Five, I had a couple of lapses – initially, the sweets I ate tasted very good but soon after, I had really bad headaches. I’m pretty sure the headaches were brought on by the overload of sugar in my system. I have been far from perfect on this detox but it has helped me achieve two of my goals: cut added sugar out of my coffee and remove the craving for something sweet after every meal. On days I track my sugar on My Fitness Pal, I’m only consuming 17-20 grams of sugar compared to 50+ grams before I started. And most of that sugar now is coming from lactose (milk products), not fructose.

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