Fage YogurtI’m not quite sure when my love affair with Greek yogurt started. I used to dislike yogurt and would only eat it because it was a healthier snack. But then I discovered Chobani Greek yogurt, creamier and more rich than regular yogurt. That was my introduction to Greek yogurt. Now I eat Greek yogurt at least once a day. It has become my favorite snack/meal and it is a great way to get more protein in my day. My family still enjoys the different Chobani flavors but I tend to stick with plain Greek yogurt, usually the Fage brand.

Plain Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein than the flavored varieties. I used to pour off the liquid at the top of the cup before adding my other ingredients but recently learned that liquid is actually whey, a liquid rich in protein and calcium. So now I make sure to stir that liquid back in with the yogurt. I’m always looking for different ways to flavor my yogurt. Here are five ways I love to enjoy my Greek yogurt:

1) Plain Greek Yogurt is a perfect substitution for sour cream with any Mexican dishes. I have even substituted it for the sour cream in my family’s favorite Three Cheese Baked Ziti recipe and it went unnoticed – dinner was just as delicious.

Peanut-Butter-And-Co-Cinnamon-Raisin-Swirl-8510870000382) Mix in 1-2 tablespoons of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter with a cup of plain Greek yogurt. Just be careful not to continue eating the peanut butter from the jar, like I am always tempted to do. This is my current favorite peanut butter. This stuff is amazing. I just have to be careful to measure out exactly what I need; otherwise I risk going over on my fat macros for the day.

3) Peanut butter and unsweetened baking cocoa: before discovering the cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, this was my go-to snack. I mix in 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter with about a teaspoon of unsweetened dark cocoa powder. The cocoa powder helps curb my craving my chocolate. I try to watch the amount of sugar I eat – this is a good option since the peanut butter I use only has 1g of sugar per serving (compared to 9g of sugar in the cinnamon swirl version).

4) Protein powder: I started adding vanilla protein powder to my yogurt a few months ago. It tastes great, although it’s a little challenging to stir it in without spilling powder all over the place. I usually stir in a little at a time, until I have added either a 1/2 or full scoop to my cup of yogurt. I will sometimes add blueberries, too, to boost my fiber.

chobani conversion chart5) I used to sweeten my plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a little bit of maple syrup. Since I have been watching how much sugar I eat, I try to limit how often I do that. If the fruit is sweet enough, you don’t need the extra maple syrup.

I am always looking for ways to boost my protein for the day. Greek yogurt is a perfect substitute for butter, oil, mayo and other ingredients in many recipes. I ‘pinned’ this chart from Chobani several years ago on my Pinterest wall. (This chart was shared by Chobani but you can use your favorite Greek yogurt.)

Share your ideas with me! What is your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt?
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