IMG_3054This is not the first time I have had success in losing weight. In the past, my weight ranged between 160 and 185. I have always kept a range of clothing sizes in my closet, typically sizes 10 to 16. I have even held on to a size 8 dress – I bought it on clearance with the hope one day I would be able to wear it.

I started this latest weight loss journey in January 2012. It took me 18 months to reach my goal weight, 40 pounds lighter than when I started. But something is different this time – I’m not worried about gaining back the weight I have lost. I’m currently participating in an online Bible study using Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Made to Crave. She says something very insightful in chapter 17:

“I’m at my goal weight and in the most dangerous place for a dieting success story. Hitting your goal weight is a blessing entangled with a curse. The curse being the assumption that freedom now means returning back to all those things we’ve given up for the past months. The sacrifices. The missed treats. The deprived taste buds high on salad and low on French fries.” – Lysa TerKeurst, Made to Crave

Isn’t that the truth? With every other diet or plan I have followed, it’s always been a temporary change. That’s not the case this time. With the weight loss plan I follow know, I have learned how to eat, how my body processes food and how to enjoy food. I still enjoy treats, but I plan for them and make them work within my personal plan. I have completely transformed the way I eat, the way I live. Food (and the scale) no longer rule my life. I love to eat, and I eat more now than I ever did on a diet. I enjoy taking care of myself. I am not living in a deprived state. The changes I have made are changes I can live with for the rest of my life. I don’t worry about gaining back the weight I have lost. If I gain a few pounds, I know exactly how to get myself back on track and control my weight. This is an amazing feeling. I finally have victory in this area of my life and I can focus my energy on my husband, my children and wherever God would have me serve.

And that size 8 dress I hoped to fit into one day – it’s too big for me now.
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  1. this is so beautiful!!!!

  2. You are an inspiration Cindy! So blessed by you.

  3. Love your story!

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