OBSBlogHopIt’s easy to be overweight these days. Just eat the processed and packaged food sold in grocery stores. Or dine out and order off the menu with no regard to portion sizes or nutrition. Drive-thru restaurants make picking up dinner so much easier for busy families. I used to go through the Starbucks drive-thru every day and order a mocha, figuring I needed the “Mommy treat” and it had some nutritional value – after all, it’s made with milk and milk has calcium, right? Maybe. But it was also loaded with sugar and calories I didn’t need.

Eating healthy takes effort. It requires planning and being intentional about my goals. I used to think “healthy food” didn’t taste as good but I have learned differently in the last two years, since losing 40 pounds and dropping from a size 14 to a size 4. Healthy food can taste great, and I feel better when I eat better. All foods are permissible, but not all foods are beneficial. You can fill your daily calorie or points allowance with foods that leave you feeling deprived, lethargic and hungry. But why do that when you can eat nutrient-rich foods?

With the eating plan I follow, I know the exact amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fat I need each day. I feel much better when I eat according my nutrition plan. I have so much more energy and know that I don’t have to worry about re-gaining the weight I have lost.

Here is an example of the type of planning I do now. A few weeks ago, I took an all-day class. I figured it may be difficult to find healthy snacks during the day, so I packed a bag (two snacks and my lunch). At lunchtime, when everyone else went out and picked up fast food, I ate my healthy, protein-rich lunch. I pack a cooler most days before I leave the house, which includes at least one protein-rich snack for me. If I know I am going to be eating out, I try to look at menus ahead of time and choose food that will keep me on track with my nutritional goals. I did eat a brownie today. But that’s okay. All food is permissible and while it was not the most beneficial, occasional treats are permissible (and I still stayed within my nutrition plan for the day).

Learning to eat healthy takes time. I read lots of labels and ingredient lists now. I believe it was easier to eat 100 years ago, when processed food and fast food wasn’t as prevalent. I have made small changes, one at a time. It’s been worth it, especially as my children are learning healthy eating habits. My youngest son actually sneaks broccoli off of other family member’s plates – I love that he loves broccoli and asks for it all the time.
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  1. Great post! I think this is a great way to approach food, and I am trying to teach this to my children as well. Life is full of choices, and sometimes it’s tiring to have to be so careful and consistent in making them, but in the long run, it’s the best way to live. Thankfully, God cares about all of our choices and can help us along the way!

  2. You.Are.An.Inspiration!!!!! Thank you so much for being a great testimony of what God can do in your life when you listen to what is beneficial, not just permissible! Your life sounds exactly like mine, having lost 60lbs I am also a fan of label reading! I strive to make peaceful decisions, and you’re so right when you say that you feel much better when you eat according to the plan 🙂
    Blessings, Sarah Travis (OBS Small Group Leader)

  3. Thank you for sharing! I like the concept of making small changes, for small change plus small change and so on eventually adds up to some great big cumulative changes! Check out my #beneficial post at: http://www.groundswellministries.org/2014/02/19/on-that-which-is-beneficial/

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