shooting range picI fired a gun for the first time today, during a Basic Pistol Class at a local shooting range. I loved the class. It was for women only, taught by a female instructor. Eight other women joined me. We all shared generally the same reason for wanting to take the class: to feel more comfortable with guns and gun safety. Most of the day was spent learning about parts of the pistol and gun safety, before heading into a shooting range where we were able to practice loading and unloading live ammunition, and shooting a paper plate target.



Highlights of my training today:

More and more women are learning to use firearms. The instructor said women are the fastest growing trend in firearms use, and this particular shooting range was built with women in mind.

There are many different ways to conceal carry, particular for a woman. I learned about a special holster that attaches to the bra strap; and holsters designed for runners, so they can protect themselves from assailants. (This class qualifies me to apply for a concealed carry permit.) My husband found this great website a few months ago: Cornered Cat – A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry – it has some great articles on safety, children, and much more.

I was able to shoot both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols today during the class. My accuracy was much better when I used the semi-automatic.

I see some Date Nights in the future for my husband and me. I can definitely understand why people enjoy going to the shooting range now.

My Women Only Basic Pistol Class

My Women Only Basic Pistol Class

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