Children in a swimming poolFor years I went to the gym and did the same thing: 30-45 minutes on the elliptical. Looking back, I wasted a lot of time on the cardio machines at the gym.

I always picked up the schedule for group exercise classes but felt too uncomfortable walking into a class. I had once tried a Step class in college, and it wasn’t pretty. AT ALL. I was uncoordinated and couldn’t keep up. It felt like everyone was laughing at me (they weren’t). Fast forward to my 30s. A friend invited me to try a Spin (cycling) class. At this particular gym, the lights are off during this class. I figured I knew how to ride a bike, I was in control of the resistance knob, and no one could see me in that dim cycling room. I LOVED the class, and ended up taking 3-4 cycling classes a week.

After taking “dark” group exercise classes for months, I decided to venture into the “light” and try a regular studio class. That was pretty intimidating: the lights were on the entire time and everyone could see my mistakes. I realized after taking a few classes, no one was really watching me – they were too focused on themselves, not whether or not I had perfect form.

I became a “regular” in the classes. A side benefit of group exercise: I have met many of my workout friends through group exercise classes. They say it’s good to have a workout partner to keep you accountable – I feel like I have at least a dozen workout partners now, thanks to group exercise. I currently participate regularly in Boot Camp and TRX classes. I also became a group exercise instructor last year – it’s my goal to always make new people feel welcome and as comfortable as possible, because I remember how intimidated I felt just a few years ago. Move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to a different kind of workout.



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